Welcome to Sphere Consulting Services, Inc.

Why Choose Us?

Sphere Consulting Services is the Right Choice


Consistent Team

At Sphere Consulting Services, we provide the same experienced project managers for each-and-every client project, instead of simply providing inexperienced novices as projects come up. As such, our clients are treated as business associates and peers, as-if we are a trusted employee of their company!


Customized Procedures

We strive to provide the latest technology and real estate procedures customized to meet the client's process and procedures for each project, which consistently completes our client's projects on-time and under budget!


Established Best Practices

Upon the completion of each project, Sphere Consulting Services and our client evaluates those processes and procedures that worked well, so that best practices always carry-over to the next project.


Regular Communication

Clear and concise communication takes place with not only our client's team leader but also those areas and departments that support the project outcome, such as HR, legal, technology, AV, etc., so as to provide the client with a unified team-oriented approach.


High Quality, Low Cost

Through our careful planning, procedures and years of experience, Sphere Consulting Services can always ensure premium project finishes, materials and services, and still provide them with low-costs and budgetary restrictions adhered-too!


Continual Review

During every project, we are constantly tracking each-and-every phase of the project, to ensure quality and completeness, at a low-cost and an on-time schedule. By being a part of the client's team and constantly visiting the site and/or monitoring the process via daily and weekly updates, we can provide the hands-on services that our clients require!


High Return on Investment

Based on each detail herein described, we offer our clients the highest possible project management consulting services at the fairest possible fee-pricing structure, which is typically much less than the amount of money we save our clients with our focused savings-tracking processes. For the fee that we charge, we can provide a much-higher return (based on the overall savings) than what our clients spend for our services! Our clients consistently engage us for numerous repeat business, not only because we deliver on what we promise, but that we save them money in the process. When our fees are compared to the overall savings results, our return on investment consistently exceeds 300% ROI for most projects.