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Transaction Support Services

Market Survey

  • Identify target markets
  • Identify brokerage candidates to support the transaction
  • Interview and qualify target brokers
  • Finalize broker selection
  • Finalize market selection
  • Secure proposals from short list candidates
  • Conduct a market analysis for the target market(s)
  • Conduct market survey of selected market
  • Review survey, recommendations for building/site considerations

Site/Building Selection

  • Tour candidate locations
  • Prepare request for proposals to selected candidates
  • Prepare work letter or improvement allowance
  • Supervise test fits of selected locations
  • Building due diligence on selected locations
  • Prepare thorough lease analysis and comparative analysis of RFPs
  • Shortlist building candidates and negotiate business terms
  • Recommendation for selected site/building

Lease and Business Terms Negotiations

  • Finalize business term negotiations.
  • Receive/prepare lease and review against business terms
  • Markup lease with suggested language changes
  • Submit suggested changes to client's attorney
  • Negotiate lease language on behalf of the client
  • Supervise final lease language review
  • Follow to lease execution

Post Transaction Follow-up

  • Prepare lease abstract
  • Review building operating expenses
  • Supervise expense audit (if necessary)
  • Coordinate with client's accounting group as needed