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Relocation Planning/
Move Management

Relocation Planning/Move Management

Relocation Planning

  • Meet with user group to review move requirements
  • Preparation of detailed move strategy
  • Coordination of move strategy with project schedule

Move Selection

  • Determine/inventory furnishings and equipment to be moved
  • Pre-qualify potential moving companies
  • Prepare request for proposal for move services
  • Review mover logistics, trucks, manpower sources, etc.
  • Selection and coordination of move vendor

Pre-Move Coordination

  • Assemble a move task force from client groups moving
  • Preparation of the move coordinator package
  • Chair weekly move meetings and publish meeting minutes
  • Prepare a move plan with coded room numbers and special instructions
  • Coordinate information technology support with move process
  • Landlord coordination at origin and destination locations
  • Supervise labeling of furniture and contents to be relocated
  • Coordinate furnishings installation with the move process
  • On-site move coordination and supervision of the move crews

Post-Move Follow Up

  • Post-move walk through with all move coordinators
  • Creating punch list, follow up
  • Damage claim filing, repairs, adjustments and changes
  • Approve final punch list completion
  • Customer satisfaction survey