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Owners Representation

Preliminary Construction Review

  • Review targeted sites/buildings and preliminary planning
  • Coordinate preliminary construction budget and schedule
  • Relay pertinent details to client's architectural and engineering teams

Contractor Qualification and Selection

  • Identify applicable general contractors in target market
  • Pre-qualify general contractors to size, capabilities, experience and proposed team
  • Determine best applicability of contract type (competitive bid, negotiated, cost plus, design build) to meet client's objectives
  • Prepare RFPs and submit to several selected contractors
  • Evaluate RFPs and make recommendations to client
  • Coordinate review of construction agreement on behalf of client

Construction Process Management

  • Review the construction documents for constructability and make recommendations to client
  • Validate construction drawings to meet client's objectives
  • Identify to design team possible value engineering opportunities
  • Review bid results from general contractors and make recommendations to client
  • Attend construction kickoff meeting
  • Coordinate long lead items against target schedule
  • Attend regular project meetings and publish minutes of meetings
  • Coordinate all client's vendors and contractors with client, landlord and building management
  • Review all submittals, RFIs and RFQs submitted by contractor, with recommendations to client
  • Scrutinize all change orders, submit for client approval
  • Review and approve all pay applications, prior to submitting to client for payment

Construction Closeout

  • Coordinate with design team a final quality review and punch list
  • Receive and review as-built drawings
  • Secure and forward to client O&M manuals for all equipment
  • Receive and scrutinize all lien releases from all contractors
  • Approve punch list completion
  • Approve final general contractor invoices, prior to sending to client