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Needs Analysis/
Strategic Planning

Needs Analysis/Strategic Planning

Needs Analysis

  • Review of current real estate portfolio, lease agreements, etc.
  • Define preliminary project objectives in terms of cost, schedule and physical requirements
  • Review existing physical conditions and physical requirements
  • Determine desired client work groups and interview participants
  • Coordinate programming of client needs
  • Summarize programming and present to client
  • Client needs and objectives documented and agreed upon
  • Determine space metrics per the approved program
  • Determine technical requirements and facility support requirements
  • Evaluate all data to current real estate portfolio

Service Provider Selection

  • Determine necessary design team members, i.e. architect, engineers, sound, lighting, environmental and other consultants
  • Qualify desired participants and interview selected candidates
  • Secure proposals from each candidate, evaluate and make recommendation to client
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of client
  • Finalize contract documentation
  • Establish written team goals

Establish a Timeline and Budget

  • Prepare preliminary project schedule
  • Prepare preliminary project budget, to include:
    • Estimated costs
    • Furnishings
    • Consultant fees
    • I.T infrastructure costs
    • Security, signage A / V, etc.
  • Determine other necessary capital requirements associated with the transaction
  • Validation of project objectives with client
  • Evaluate opportunities for value engineered savings